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Old Oxendale Sidings

NEW Club Layout - Code 75 00 Dual Operated DCC with Sound / DC


British outline 00 - Transition era to modern - continuous running plus shunting

Photos: Graham Broad, Dave Smith, Tom nicholls

Old Oxendale Sidings is styled on a continuous running mainline concept with additional sidings. Viewers get to see stock running on the complete circuit while getting the benefits of the 16 foot scenic section. Shunting of trains into sidings and trains being put into the passing loops occurs on the scenic section.

The layout is dual powered, being controlled either by conventional DC or DCC with sound and lights, and it will be easy to swap between the two during exhibitions.

As a club layout, stock will be transition era through to more modern, reflecting members interests.


Photos:Tom Nicholls & Graham Broad

From our experience of a number of years, continuous running of lengthy trains is an attraction to many exhibition-goers and Old Oxendale Sidings will certainly supply that. With three complete loops carried on minimum width boards around the back of the layout, and stock tables being kept within, it is not only very efficient in use of space, but should be able to supply a moving train along the front of the layout almost continuously. It is also at an excellent height for observing the passage of trains.

Current progress - the layout is approaching completion with only ballasting still to be finished and some more scenic details to be added, especially a full set of working colour light signals. The layout will be ready for exhibiting later this year.


Photos: Graham Broad

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