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This layout is now available for (two day) exhibitions!

K Street Yard: Club Layout - Eric Cains, Graham Broad

US American Urban Shunting Layout, Scale HO (3.5mm), Gauge 16.5mm, 8 x 2 foot, Track Code 83.

Photos by Dave Smith, Graham Broad & Eric Cains

New photos showing the street lamps, crossing lights and building details recently added

Milwaukee Alco S2 ticks over down by the Depot

A Milwaukee Road HO switching layout set between the late fifties to early seventies. Fictional location in the north of Spokane, Washington State. Because of competition from the Burlington Northern and Great Northern the mainline to the yard was never built, instead it had to rely on the original steeply graded line which threads its way between the buildings. This makes for complicated movements to spot loads in the correct location. The boards are recycled from a previous club layout. It is wired to give a choice of DC or DCC working. The buildings are a mixture of Walthers and Bachman kits, with some recycled buildings from other layouts. The buildings have all been modified and not built straight from the box. This is a club project, built by Eric Cains and Graham Broad of the C&SMRC.

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Please note that K Yard is only available for two day exhibitions

Gondolas of urban scrap arrive at K street while fruit is loaded at the warehouse.

Southern Pacific EMD SW2 1951 pulls out the scrap iron heading out on the main from K Street yard

K Street urban dark corners!

The Yard gets busy!