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Member Layout - Builder Graham Broad

French SNCF 1990s, Scale 3.5mm, Gauge HO, 10 x 2 foot, Track Code 75

A small layout (10 ft by 2 ft) designed to show a shunting yard in a fictional French town in the 1990s, serving a few industries at the same time. There's also a higher level line in and out of a platform, to allow a DMU or suchlike to be run.
The idea was to create the atmosphere of a typical French small town and its still-active rail system, something that had disappeared from the British Rail scene in the 1960s, but which I had enjoyed seeing in France for many years afterwards. The layout is currently being finished, with lots more detailing to be done.
Photos by Tom Nicholls & Graham Broad.

Upper signal working

Ville 2

Ville Track plan

It's operated from the front, with a couple of hidden roads to swap trains over. As I have a couple of overhead electric engines, there's still the option of fitting catenary to the lower level

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Please note that Villefranche-la-Chapelle is only available for two day exhibitions

Panorama view of Villefranche-la-Chapelle