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Falcon Road Sign

Falcon Road TMD & Prospect Yard

Club Layout - OO Section DCC

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Modern Image Diesel Depot and Industry Type Club Layout, Scale 4mm, Gauge 00 Finescale, DCC (NCE), Length 6 x 4 foot modules, Code75 handbuilt track using Exactoscale components.

Oil Drum 1

Our ‘Falcon Road TMD & Prospect Yard' layout was born of unusual circumstances. The Club has been building an ‘00' layout for a number of years, one end of which is a fiddleyard fronted by a ‘bagged aggregates' loading shed.

That layout is wired for conventional DC operation with a number of control points. A new club member bought to the Club the idea of DCC, which members had previously resisted. But, on listening to the sound effects from diesels, interest in DCC began to grow.

In very little time it was decided to build a small DCC layout and invest in the appropriate equipment. As the two boards containing the aggregates shed were already in an exhibitable state, the decision was taken that the DCC layout would consist of this 8' section plus a 4' diesel depot fronting a single road fiddleyard using cassettes from the DC layout.

Conversion to DCC was easy at first, just switch all the isolating sections on, disconnect the DC power supply and connect up the DCC unit. We were up and running! Since then, some limited re-wiring has taken place on the two ‘DC boards' to enhance the robustness of the DCC power bus.

This small 12' layout quickly received a set of sorting sidings (Prospect Yard) and a new and larger depot in front of an extended fiddleyard. This extension was needed to accommodate the longer trains made possible by the new ‘Prospect Yard' area.

Falcon road track plan

Please note that Falcon Road TMD & Oil Drum Lane is only available for two day exhibitions

The new TMD was arranged to give more movement and thus more operator satisfaction and more room for the fast growing stud of sound equipped diesels. Now 24' long, the layout progresses towards readiness for exhibition appearances.

Three operator points are provided and stock uses the magnet uncoupling method for Bachmann couplings designed by Brian Kirby. This allows any member of the Club to use their own stock (with Bachmann style couplings) and use an uncoupling pole if the couplings have not been converted for magnetic operation.

More photos of the stock you might see on the layout Click Here

In 2013, the layout became available for Exhibitions and the name of the yard end transformed from Oil Drum Lane to the current Prospect Yard

Additional photos have been added here to give a better overview of the whole layout as it now looks.

The layout is now ready to be exhibited. August 2013

Photos (Main Page) - Graham Broad & Dave Smith

oil Drum 2

Panorama Section:

Here is an overview of the complete layout

Photos Dave Smith January 2014

Photo Dave Smith September 2014